Eurora Group


About Us

Eurora Group is a forward-thinking technology provider that has over two decades of experience amongst its staff in providing software and telematics solutions for the Transport and Logistics industry.

It is ingrained in the company’s DNA to have a passion for delivering innovative, modern technology that is simple to use and provides industry leading customer service.

Eurora Group try to do things differently. We take a very honest and transparent approach with our clients forming strong partnerships that deliver the best results for them with no surprises.

The software we provide is specifically designed to be intuitive, feature rich and proactive. We want our solutions to make a real difference to our customers business and for our software to constantly evolve to always be ahead of the curve.

That fact that our software is cloud-based and gets updated regularly should be critical when selecting a new partner to supply software to run your business.

It is important to us to have an industry leading software suite, but we have also recognised that all our modules must integrate with one another. The way we have done this is use a single code base that is driven by settings changes so additional modules will just appear out of the box rather than having to go through a lengthy install process and then having to integrate them which can incur unexpected costs.

If you like our approach, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with any requirements you may have…we would be happy to help.