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Garage Management Software

Cyrus VMS is a garage workshop management solution which is simple to use and connects your garage to the rest of the business.

The Benefits

  • Increase productivity
  • Stay compliant
  • Streamline processes
  • Better control
  • Reduce vehicle downtime
  • Manage costs

At a glance, VMS helps your business to

  • Capture and organise - all your garage jobs can be entered and recorded
  • Manage - schedule in your vehicle’s maintenance and never miss an important date
  • Attach - all necessary documentation relevant to the job or vehicle can be attached.
  • Have full visibility - see all jobs to schedule and prioritise to maximise productivity
  • Full reporting - run reports on the garage operation to ensure work is profitable and to check history
  • Streamline - your stock management is made easy with full traceability
  • Produce - digitise your inspection, service and repair sheets to be completed via your tablet 
  • Simplify - the invoicing process is simple and eliminate jobs being missed for invoice 
  • Integration - Cyrus VMS integrates into Cyrus TMS

Cyrus TMS & VMS integration

All our modules integrate in some way to one another and Cyrus VMS is no different. 

Our Cyrus TMS module can allow a driver to flag defects from the Cyrus ePOD application.  If a vehicle is to be brought off the road, therefore a workshop job is required. This job can be created from Cyrus TMS and automatically form a job in Cyrus VMS.