Eurora Group


Warehouse Management Software

As our customers have grown and diversified into other markets, at Eurora Group, we have done the same. Our integrated Warehouse Management System is modern and easy to use. It has been designed for transport businesses who have a straightforward warehousing operation.

Benefits of WMS

  • Become more efficient
  • Eradicate inefficiencies
  • Save time
  • Improve control and visibility
  • Maximise space and storage charges to increase revenue

Cyrus WMS At A Glance

  • Better visibility - input all of your movement orders
  • Utilise space - the system will help to maximise space which will help to maximise profit
  • Automatic - put away rules can be manual or automated making the operation more efficient 
  • Seamless integration - Cyrus WMS integrates into Cyrus TMS so a single system to manage transport and warehousing
  • Manage - customer’s stock can be effectively managed through the stock control system
  • Automate pricing - storage charges can be automated, and it is easy to add further charges such as RH&D for accurate invoicing
  • Full reporting - full suite of reports ranging from operational reports to financial reports
  • Status updates - track the progress of the movement order
  • Simplified invoicing - process and invoice orders which can update your third-party accounts package

How does Cyrus WMS integrate with Cyrus TMS?

Due to the Cyrus software suite being built on a single code base. This means it is one single platform enabling us to have a single log in for the user, but this can allow them to manage the warehouse and the transport operation more effectively. 

This becomes more prominent when a warehouse order requires the transport department to move the goods out of the warehouse. A single process allows this job to become visible for the transport department reducing the duplication of data entry, having more control over the business and saving vast amounts of time.