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ePOD & Vehicle Checks

Electronic proof of delivery is the quickest and easiest way to communicate job information with drivers. We can ensure the correct data is captured at site enabling you to get paperwork back to the office in real-time and invoice immediately.

We have seen huge improvements in cash flow due to clients being able to invoice faster and with less invoicing discrepancies to deal with.

Stay compliant with customisable vehicle checks, report on fuel, submit expense claims and record roadside incidents all in once simple to use application.

Cyrus ePOD & Cyrus VeCheck?

  • Improve customer service and delivery experience
  • Better cashflow
  • Reduce administration
  • Save time
  • Stay compliant
  • Reduce insurance claims

Cyrus ePOD At A Glance

  • Reliable and robust - the application that can operate on one of our integrated telematics devices or any android device.
  • Easy to use - our user interface gives drivers confidence to operate the application. This acceptance is critical for an organisation when rolling out this type of technology
  • Job details - jobs are sent to the driver with any special instructions
  • Status updates - at each stage of the job the driver can update their job status so the office and your customer can track the order
  • Update discrepancies - if there is damage or perhaps just a change in quantity or weight you can update this via the application which is then flagged in Cyrus TMS
  • Take images - take images of paperwork when customer own paperwork is required or images of the location the freight has been in along with any possible damage
  • Digital signature - to confirm delivery, obtain a signature which will be sent back to Cyrus TMS in real-time allowing you to invoice just minutes after the job is complete

Cyrus VeCheck At A Glance

  • DVSA compliant - our vehicle and trailer checks use industry standard templates which are configurable
  • View - viewing previously submitted checks is critical to stay compliant 
  • Back office reporting - report on completed, uncompleted defect checks and flagged defects
  • Submit - submit expenses and fuel reports to go completely paperless
  • Comprehensive - reporting of roadside incidents and accidents by the driver
  • Scan - scan and keep track of assets