Eurora Group


Eurora Group is a forward-thinking technology provider that has over two decades of experience amongst its staff in providing software solutions for the Transport and Logistics industry.

It is ingrained in the company’s DNA to have a passion for delivering innovative, modern technology that is simple to use and provides industry leading customer service.


We are proud to provide software that it easy to use. All of our complexity happens in the background allowing our clients to benefit from a flexible platform which adds huge value to their operation.


All of our technology is cloud based. It is built on the most modern and secure platforms. The technology is developed with real thought going into it and this allows our clients to have peace of mind that it's adopting new features continuously with real world experience behind them.


Lots of people throw good service around too lightly in our opinion. We do not want to provide good service; we want to provide service which is excellent. Our business is built on honesty and communication. We feel we do not over complicate things and with these values, this is why we are so different in the marketplace.


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