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Secure Transport Software

Published: 4 October 2022

Put your car in the garage!

Is your car safer parked in a garage or on the street? The answer seems obvious! The car is safer in the garage away from potential theft, misuse or damage. We need our cars to be kept safe and we would do everything we can to keep them that way. Why? So the car is there to use every day when we need it!

More valuable than our cars is the mission critical systems and data that are used everyday in the transport or distribution departments that keep our country running. Where are your systems right now? On servers in your offices or in the cloud?

Putting your mission critical systems in the cloud on one of the worlds biggest providers AWS or MS Azure is your garage for your valuable asset, in a secure environment and then available when you need it! Eurora Group is proud to provide our Cyrus software solutions on the Azure platform providing a safe reliable and readily available platform for our valued customers!

Don't leave your transport systems unsecure and subject to disruption. Put them in the Garage!